Automarket – the platform for promoting quality used cars with import and financing service.

Company Overview

Automarket, established in 2008, stands as a prominent automotive platform recognized for offering competitive prices on recent cars, predominantly those imported from Germany and falling within the maximum age bracket of 5 years.

The platform boasts an extensive selection of recent vehicles spanning across renowned brands.

Technologies We Used

Most trusted technologies by us.

Project Description

Recognizing the increasing mobility of users, the primary objective of the new platform was to ensure complete responsiveness across all devices. Simplicity emerged as a focal point in this development, coupled with a strong emphasis on the website’s speed. Given Automarket’s extensive inventory with regularly updated listings exceeding a hundred of thousands, optimizing the database architecture was crucial for optimal performance.

Our dedicated team undertook the task of building the new version of Automarket from the ground up. The aim was to empower users to easily discover their dream car and seamlessly submit requests to the leads manager. The detailed search functionality enables users to apply a multitude of search criteria, ensuring precise and immediate display of results. This user-centric approach enhances the overall experience, making the car-searching process both efficient and enjoyable.

Services Provided
  • Research & Discovery
  • Prototyping & Interactions
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Servers configuration
  • Front-End Development
  • Gateways
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