Secretimmo website

Secretimmo, the first off-market real estate agency in Luxembourg, entrusted us with the mission of creating their website and mobile applications.

Company Overview

If you don’t want your neighbor to know you’re selling your villa, then Secretimmo, the agency specializing in off-market sales of prestige properties, is the place to be.

This start-up implements innovative techniques for selling exceptional properties through its network of partners.

Technologies We Used

Most trusted technologies by us.

Project Description

While the Luxembourg market had experienced the off-market method before, no real estate agency had taken the gamble of doing it full-time.

To create their website, we took a blank sheet of paper and started from scratch to build a digital showcase without any ads, but capable of generating contacts from buyers and sellers.

And to create a new communication channel for properties sold on discretion, we proposed the creation of a mobile application reserving access to registered users only.

Services Provided
  • Research & Discovery
  • Prototyping & Interactions
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Motion Graphics
  • Front-End Development
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