Nextimmo – First hybrid agency in Luxembourg

Nextimmo is a real estate company based in Luxembourg, which puts its expertise in real estate transactions at the service of its clients.

Company Overview

Nextimmo is the first hybrid agency in Luxembourg that has aimed to create a high-performance platform for real estate property searches in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

Launched in 2022, the Nextimmo hybrid agency has opted for the creation of a platform capable of gathering a large number of listings while ensuring quick access to each listing corresponding to search criteria. Collaborating with other agencies, the purpose of this platform is to facilitate contact between professional property sellers and buyers.

Technologies We Used

Most trusted technologies by us.

Project Description

Nextimmo turned to Meta to develop this ambitious project and distinguish itself from other market players. Developing a platform is both a complex and exciting mission because it requires an innovative approach.

The choice of technology is crucial as it determines the long-term sustainability and efficiency of the platform. For this project, we proposed the use of React technology, with the utilization of NextJS and NodeJS to achieve optimal loading speed.

This project took a lot of time to set up, and its development was a real challenge for our team. Created from scratch, this high-performance website is designed to meet the demands of the most discerning users!

Services Provided
  • Research & Discovery
  • Prototyping & Interactions
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Motion Graphics
  • Front-End Development
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