Creation of free websites for real estate agencies in Luxembourg

The current economic context has had a negative impact on the Luxembourgish market, placing many real estate agencies in a challenging situation. The increase in credit rates has led to a decrease in transaction volume and a reduction in agency revenue. We are all aware that nowadays, every business needs to have a quality website, and this also applies to real estate agencies. But how can you get a quality website without it costing a fortune?

In response to a growing demand and to support struggling market players, Meta, in partnership with Nextimmo, has launched a program to create free websites for Nextimmo’s Premium partners. Thus, each Premium partner can now benefit from a free website created by Meta using React technology, with a simple and intuitive interface. These websites have various essential features, such as the publication of listings through gateways connected to the country’s main software (Apimo & Easy2pilot), a fast and efficient search engine, and a default mortgage calculator. The site user also has tools to create customized pages with information about the real estate agency.

If you want to benefit from the expertise of a team of digital marketing and web technology specialists, give yourself a new dynamic by opting for a real estate website designed by Meta.lu, a key player in online marketing in Luxembourg since 2007!

Become a Premium partner of Nextimmo and get a next-generation website, unparalleled in terms of speed and fluidity. With adaptable design, receive a turnkey website in less than 48 hours while retaining the ability to update and manage it according to your preferences.

This program will be in effect throughout 2024, and we also offer hosting for the websites throughout the year.

Feel free to contact us to take advantage of the best conditions developed specifically for you to better adapt to the current situation and effectively relaunch your real estate business!

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